Some Things Can’t Be Taken Away…

The people around us makes who we are. The good and the bad.

Many things have happened since I started working. Things have certainly improved at work but I’m still hanging onto words that mean nothing. I’m watching the temps staff leave as I stick out to watch new ones enter. It’s been a little more than 10 now. But the time we spent together meant more than anything.

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25 Things You Have To Try In Your 20s At Least Once

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Call that person you’ve been thinking about for longer than you can remember, but whose rejection you have always feared. Just pick up the phone, hold your breath, and accept the fact that knowing how they feel is better than living in limbo.

2. Go on a camping trip with a solid group of your friends, a cooler of drinks, and enough grillable meats to last you for at least twice as long as you actually need. Get really scared when you think you hear a bear, and then realize it’s just your friend coming back from peeing.

3. Learn how to make your favorite restaurant dishes, even if they don’t taste as good as the original. Learn what actually goes into the food you love so much.

4. Apply to a job that you really want, but which you know you have next to zero chance of actually…

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I don’t know how things will work out. Sometimes, it feels like those little things that makes me who I am, darkens, and reveals another side of myself. It sucks my energy dry and I become as cold as ice. I try to control it but at times, I just need a little consideration. I know ain’t no one are out there just to please us. But just a little bit would do.

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Seven degrees down

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“In this world, nothing happens to a person that he does not for some reason or other deserve.” (link)

I have never wanted something this much since… I’ve lost count. I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe I’ve changed. But I’m not too sure. Everything seems so mundane, so dull. Has it always been like this or have I just come to an understanding with it and only now have I acknowledged it? I can feel my heart beat as it comes closer. I can hear those soft weeps at night even before they happen. I’ve never wanted something this much for that long. I haven’t been daring enough to make this mine since that long ago. What happened to me and that naivety?

Make this mine, make this come true, I chant. But things don’t work out unless we do something about it. I’m not sure if I have the guts to. I’m lost in my own reality and that is what will keep me in there, forever, until the day I choose to make a difference. Till the day I choose to be different… I’m worried though. If I do, what’d happen? I think I’m too optimistic for my own good. I need to heed Earth’s bidding and get down to base.

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Kidnapped Reality

Things have been better. I’m taking so many things for granted now and I’m a little fearful of the things that would happen next. I try to be a better person but my mind is still filled with those selfish thoughts. It’s so difficult trying to be a good person. I’ve seen them and it seems everything they do comes right from their heart. Why do I appear so f. fake when I’m just trying to do my best? It’s full of uncertainty now and I’m afraid of it. The good news is that I know my flaws now.

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